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I just bought a piano!

How should I move it

to my home?

(I hope you used a technician to help you

choose the piano.) There are moving

companies that specialize in pianos.

The more experience, the better. Here is

one I recommend to people: 

P&O Movers

Where should I put my piano

in my house?

 Keep the piano away from heat/ac vents,

fireplaces, windows and doors. Put the piano

about two inches from the wall at the back (uprights) and at least ten inches from either

side (Grands and uprights.)

No plants on top of the piano, please.

How often should I have my

piano tuned?

For most pianos, one tuning a year will keep it in good condition, but others have a tougher time staying in tune. A piano can go out of tune for a variety of reasons, so monitor it carefully.

What do pianos need

besides tuning?

All parts become worn as the piano ages. Strings, keytops, additional parts may need replacement. Moving parts may need adjustments ("Regulation"). Climate control equipment should be used on pianos near the ocean.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Pay for your piano service with 





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